Meet the owner & creative force behind The Stamp Doctor:

Mechele Monet started her company in 1998 in Star, Idaho. Some of you might even know her first products, Liquid Shimmer & Shimmering Sand. The first Shaped Eyelets were also a brain-child of hers.

All the stamps, dies & accessories bearing the name of The Stamp Doctor are the result of lots of thought, research & development by Mechele.
Each product is painstakingly designed by Mechele, with careful thought to function & detail.

In order to get the designs EXACTLY the way she wants them, she had to learn Adobe Illustrator on the fly. Whew! A LOT of work but check out the awesome products as a result!

Meet the Website Department:

In 1999, Mechele taught herself HMTL and how to build websites. It took a while, but she finally adapted to the newfangled technology & behold, the WordPress website you are reading this on.

Should you ever wonder why there are not as many examples of products as you see on other websites, just know that there is but one person to create them & put them online. Sadly, Mechele has found that sleep is a necessity, especially if accuracy is desired in any of the processes of concept to delivery of products to customers.

Meet the Packaging Department:

All of the products that bear the name of The Stamp Doctor come in unpackaged. Every single stamp, set of stamps, die or accessory is handled by Mechele.

All of the packaging is designed & printed by Mechele. Boy, that HP printer she bought in 2003 sure has paid for itself, many times over!

Meet the Shipping Department: is a wonderful product & allows Mechele to tag all her envelopes & boxes without waiting in line at the Post Office. Can you imagine doing that? Since 1999, it’s been a valuable tool.

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New customers get: $100 promotional package, including a free 5-lb digital scale (a $50 value), $45 in free postage, a free supplies kit (a $5 value), and a 4-week trial subscription &  I will receive $20 in free postage!)

Shipping costs are like extortion theses days, but Mechele always does her best to make sure your order arrives in the fastest, most economical way possible.

Meet the Complaint Department:

Fortunately, there are not a lot of things that go wrong, since almost every function of The Stamp Doctor is handled personally by Mechele. But, if something should go awry, know that Mechele will be right on top of things & get the issue resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.