Cuttlebug Replacement Plates

Due to the ordering system, Cuttlebug Plates cannot be combined with orders for other products. Please message me if you want just one die that can be determined to ship with your plates, otherwise, please order other items separately. I apologize for the inconvenience but it can’t be changed at this time.


These plates are square-edged acrylic,
not rounded edges.
They are the correct thickness
for use in the Cuttlebug.
Please use with proper shimming.
No warranty on broken plates.

B Plate
$7.00 each
(Use 2 of these for embossing)

C Plate
$8.00 each
(Use 1 of these & 1 B Plate for cutting dies)

1 B & 1 C Plate Combo
$13.00 each

Shipping is $8.00 per order
Priority Mail Flat Rate
$50 insurance included.

I recommend grouping orders
with a friend, if possible.

Thank you!

Checkout will be on the secure,
PayPal/Credit Card enabled checkout page for special orders.

Always remember:
C plates are for Cutting
B plates are for emBossing.

You know you have too much pressure when you cut deeply into the plate and/or crack your plate. ?

If you cut with the dies facing down, the sandwich is (from bottom up):
A+C+paper to be cut+die (cut lines down)+B

If you cut with the dies facing up, the sandwich is (from bottom up):
A+B+die (cut lines up)+paper to be cut+C

Please understand that I cannot warranty these plates for replacement. Operator error is not my fault. I have been using this same material for my own plates for over 15 years and only cracked one plate & only because I was very tired and messed up my sandwich. So no sleepy crafting!