Cuttlebug Replacement Plates

These plates are square-edged acrylic,
not rounded edges.
They are the correct thickness
for use in the Cuttlebug.
Please use with proper shimming.
No warranty on broken plates.

B Plate
$6.00 each
(Use 2 of these for embossing)

C Plate
$8.00 each
(Use 1 of these & 1 B Plate for cutting dies)

1 B & 1 C Plate Combo
$12.00 each

Shipping is $8.00 per order
Priority Mail Flat Rate
$50 insurance included.

I recommend grouping orders
with a friend, if possible.

Please inquire for larger quantity discounts.

Thank you!

Checkout will be on the secure,
PayPal/Credit Card enabled checkout page for special orders.

Always remember:
C plates are for Cutting
B plates are for emBossing. 😊

You know you have too much pressure when you cut deeply into the plate and/or crack your plate. 😒

If you cut with the dies facing down, the sandwich is (from bottom up):
A+C+paper to be cut+die(cut lines down)+B

If you cut with the dies facing up, the sandwich is (from bottom up):
A+B+die(cut lines up)+paper to be cut+C

Please understand that I cannot warranty these plates for replacement. Operator error is not my fault. I have been using this same material for my own plates for over 15 years and only cracked one plate & only because I was very tired and messed up my sandwich. So no sleepy crafting! πŸ˜‰