Hi! Hopefully this will explain a little bit of why I like to have cutting dies & stitching dies separately from each other.

To begin, use an alcohol-based marker to mark the corner of each die in Layers #2. I do this will all the #2 layers, so the mark the Stitched Layers #2 as well. This will help you coordinate them back into the sets.

You can use the template (which you can print) to align different dies. I have placed the template onto a magnet sheet. Place the dies with the cut lines facing down & tape the dies you want to use together with Stencil Tape.

This is the paper after it has been run through the machine; cut & stitched at the same time.

Here, I placed two stitched dies from the same set together with the Stencil Tape. See how they both have the red mark? They are from the same set. You can use the stitch-only dies to create stitches wherever you want-with no cut line!

Here I have cut 1 layer only.
Let’s call this die #6 from Layers #1.

Here, I have added the corresponding stitch die from Stitched Layers #1 (die #6). The outside of the die should match almost exactly to the size you just cut from Layers #1.

You now have a cut shape with a stitch line approximately 1/16″ from the edge. (showing both dies; Die #6 from Layers #1 & Die #6 from Stitched Layers #1)

I decided to add another stitched line, so I used Die #7 from Stitched Layers #1. This means I will have a second stitch line 1/8″ from my first stitched line.

There are too many different possibilities to explain them all! Hopefully, this will spark your imagination as to how you can combine all these different dies
for fun & creative combinations!

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