Nuvo Embellishment Mousse


The Embellishment Mousse is very versatile & can add a lot of color/texture to your projects.

The Mousse can be used with stencils to add a dimensional design, or you can also rub the Mousse directly onto paper using your finger.
(This works particularly well with embossed paper).

Try using a small piece of Cello sponge, dampened with bottled water, to apply the Mousse directly to paper for the best coverage. Store the damp sponge in each container of Mousse to keep it hydrated, especially in dry climates, like Arizona.

If you add a little water to the Mousse, because it is water based, it can also be used as paint.
And if it is added to a spritzer with water, you can use it as a spray.

Please-only use bottled water to hydrate your Mousse! Otherwise, it can grow mould! ICK!